Eliminate Candida with CandElim

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You have a Candida Yeast Infection, and you have tried for months and maybe years to get rid of it. But after all of the anti-fungal herbs, probiotics, topical creams, ointments, prescriptions and the dreaded candida diet you’re still suffering as bad as ever.

Yes, sometimes your candida symptoms appear to go away for a little while, but they always come back. And some of your anti-candida herbs, remedies or prescription medicines actually seem to make the candida worse. Some seem to eliminate the candida in one spot, only to have it pop up elsewhere. And sometimes these candida remedies seem to have severe side effects.

Well, there are reasons for all of that.

Why do Candida Symptoms seem to go away and then come back?

Candida leaves spores, and most candida treatments, if they do anything at all, are only designed to attack the actual candida fungus. They leave the spores behind. Those spores will lie dormant until conditions are right, and then bloom into more candida. If you are truly going to eliminate candida, you need to kill the spores, too. In addition, candida is very very hard to kill off anyway. It hides away in many parts of your body.

Why does my Candida seem to get worse when I’m taking my medicine?

Candida are aggressive. When they are being attacked, often they will activate to fight back. This activation produces more severe candida symptoms and is known as a flare-up. Cut back to ease your way through these flare-ups.

Why does my Candida go away from here, and pop up over there?

Candida is a whole-body disease. Even though you may only see or feel the effects of your yeast infection in one spot (your mouth, in your nails, or even in your more intimate areas), it’s really all over in your body. Typical symptoms of a candida yeast infection include a sinus infection, food allergies and fatigue, and they are all signs that your yeast infection has spread. A topical remedy can never do the whole job. You need a whole-body solution.

Why do I feel worse when I am eliminating Candida?

While everyone wants to be rid of candida, some people have a reaction to the toxins being released by the dead candida fungus. The condition is called “Candida Die-Off” and is not uncommon.Your liver is working poorly because of years of needing to eliminate the toxins produced by candida. It is not working well anymore, and can’t handle the toxins released when a lot of candida fungus are killed. If you have had die-off symptoms in the past, you need a remedy that is designed to kill your candida in a way that reduces those candida die-off symptoms. Plus you need some additional liver support.

It must feel as though you will end up having candida forever, and you may even be tempted to give up on trying to get rid of it.

Well, don’t.

There IS hope, and it comes from GHA Naturals.

How many of the typical candida symptoms do you have? You can consult our list. You may have one or many of these…but even one of them can severely affect certain parts of your life.

So let’s make sure that what you have is actually a candida yeast infection. There is a very simple candida test you can take at home, either right now (or ideally, first thing in the morning) to be sure that what we’re about to recommend is going to treat the right thing.

You’ll also want to assess how severe your candida is, and how vigorously you want to attack it. If you’ve ever had candida die-off symptoms, you’ll want to take that into account, too when you order. This page will tell you more about your candida relief options.

If you’ve got any doubts or questions, let’s make sure that we answer them. You can use our online chat on this and every page, or call us on the phone to get a little support and make sure you’re about to order the right thing for your condition.

Here’s one thing to remember, though: Candida will not go away by itself. A good diet can help, but won’t ever solve the problem. As you know, Candida is very, very stubborn.

We can help. Let us.