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If you can only do ONE thing to eliminate your Candida…

Make it CandElim. It is by far the best candida fighter we have ever sold and tests at an amazingly high 980 on a scale which tops out at 1000. CandElim is a frequency enhanced water elixir which uses patent pending processed essential oils and trace minerals combined with a wide range of energetic frequencies designed to kill candida, bad bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens — with the focus on candida.

Vital to your success at beating candida once and for all, are the energies in CandElim that deactivate candida spores as this will greatly help prevent the reoccurrence of candida overgrowth.

Use one bottle a month for at least four months, or until the candida overgrowth has been eliminated throughout your body.

Dosage Directions: When using one bottle per month, take 2 1/2 squeezes once a day with a meal. If using 2 bottles a month, take 2 1/2 squeezes twice a day with meals.

Ingredients: Frequency Enhanced Purified Water, Proprietary blend of the following essential oils: Three herbal extracts: Yucca, Olive Leaf, Magnolia-Officialis, Astragalus Root, Pau D’Arco, Dandelion Root. Flower Essences: Larch, Pine, Oak, Redwood.  Pure Organic Essential Oils:  Cedarwood (Thuja), Clove Stem, Fir Needle, Juniper Berry, LemonGrass, Oregono, Pine, Spruce, Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, Orange, Lemon. Minerals: Volcanic Origin ORMUS, Humic and Fulvic acids.

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